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A developer has secured a lease on an $800 million shopping mall in Dania Beach, Florida, knocking on the door of one of the nation's most popular shopping destinations, knocking on the door of malls. The Shopping Plaza will bring major retailers, restaurants and apartment buildings to the 102-acre site at the intersection of Interstate 10 and Interstate 95 in the heart of downtown Miami Beach. Visitors can shop, relax and spend time in various public areas that enhance the overall shopping experience. With over 200,000 square feet of retail space, Danias Pointe will offer a variety of high-quality retail, dining and entertainment options, and visitors can shop and relax on an immaculately landscaped tree-lined street overlooking Lake Okeechobee.

In addition, the whole family has the opportunity to be at the beach of Dania and enjoy nature - activities and entertainment, but also access to a variety of restaurants, bars, shops and other entertainment options. If that's not enough, Danias Pointe Shopping Plaza, one of Florida's largest shopping malls, features a hidden parking garage, fitness center, indoor / outdoor pool and spa.

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All BrandsMart USA locations will offer financing offers and additional discounts when Dania Beach opens on November 10. Gift cards are available in Florida (except Rhode Island) and the U.S. Virgin Islands, as well as Puerto Rico.

After a swim in the sea, you will experience a shopping adventure that feels more like a holiday. Follow our list of activities in Dania Beach, Florida to have a great time in this place.

Enjoy a cozy brunch in a sidewalk café, spend a romantic evening in one of the many restaurants and bars of Dania Beach or come back if the mood is not right to sit in the sushi bar or the elegant Marlin bar. Either way, you will surely have a wonderful experience, and then Danias Beach Pier is simply the best place to take your vacation OOTDs and stunning sunset photos. From an open-air dinner overlooking a beautiful lake to an aquarium where you can feel like you are on the water, all the restaurants of "Dania" will offer a great experience with their delicious food and atmosphere.

SeaTech Ledges are home to a host of marine life, so escape reality for a bit and enter a world of wonders.

What is even more amazing is that there are many restaurants and restaurants along the beach that ensure that the whole gang will not forget boredom when you arrive in the area. Did we mention that Dania Beach is known as a great destination for those who love the thrill? A visit to Jai Alai Casino is the perfect date night idea when visiting Danias Beach, and what's more, a family sports event.

The retailer's enormous range of goods has been expanded and its e-commerce presence is growing. Other famous retailers and specialty stores include: Dania Beach favorite restaurant, Jai Alai Casino, as well as other local restaurants and bars.

One of them is the world famous Dania Jai Alai, who is known for attracting many casino enthusiasts. American Maritime Officers is headquartered in the city, as is our main daily newspaper and the hand-rolled cigars and cigars business.

Broward County is an ideal location for corporate headquarters because it has a well-trained workforce, federally funded business development, and a high quality of life. We are located in a growing economic environment, on a beautiful beach, with stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. This makes it a very sought after place to live and is located right in the heart of South Florida, just a short drive from Miami.

You don't have to look for another place to break out of your usual routine and reunite your family. Dania Beach borders Broward County, Fla., a county of 466,187 people with an average household income of $100,000. There is no other region in the United States with such a high income and quality of life as we do. We are also one of the most affordable places in South Florida because we have low cost of living, low crime rate and low unemployment rate. They do not need to leave the US to seek work, education, health care or medical care.

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More About Dania Beach